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ABA Therapy

What is ABA Therapy?

ABA, or Applied Behavior Analysis, is the application of learning and motivation from Behavior Analysis to improve skills, along with learning and social behaviors, that are associated with children and adults affected with minor to severe Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD.

What makes CWJR's ABA Therapy different?

Our ABA Therapy Program is comprehensive and involves the entire CWJR team, including the physical, speech and occupational therapists all overseen by a BCBA, or Board Certified Behavior Analyst. We pride ourselves in providing intensive therapy with longer sessions. Our ABA therapy will be customized to each individual patient's needs in one-on-one therapeutic sessions.

How is ABA effective in treating ASD?

ABA Therapy helps children and adults with autism and related developmental disorders learn new skills and behaviors.

With enhancements in day-to-day activities, improvements in social behaviors and anxieties, advancements in learning, masteries in new techniques and technologies, and many more life-long skills, ABA therapy will bring structure for patients to begin a happy and productive life.


Meet our ABA team!


Christine Kessler, MSW, BCBA

My name is Christine Kessler, and I am the Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) here at Crawl Walk Jump Run. I have worked in mental health in some capacity since 2006. My journey to behavior analysis took me through a crisis line, outpatient adult psychotherapy, family therapy, and mental health therapy with children with severe mental health conditions and developmental disabilities. 

In 2013, I found my calling and began my education as a behavior analyst through Florida Institute of Technology. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with clients ranging from 2 years to 17 years old, little ones just learning to look at items all the way to teens learning how to date. As your child's analyst, I look at us all as one big team, and I welcome your feedback and communication in whatever way works for you. I look forward to working hard together to ensure your child makes progress and has the best and most fulfilling life possible!

Amanda, Registered Behavior Therapist

Amanda was introduced to ABA Therapy through a Speech-Language Pathologist when working as a nanny throughout her undergraduate studies. She grew to love behavioral therapy during her time as a nanny for several special needs children. Through applying some behavioral therapy principals with the children, she saw remarkable changes in their behavior and was instantly intrigued by their progress. This helped inspire her to pursue a career involving behavioral therapy, which she did! She is happy to say that at this point in her life, she has been an ABA therapist for almost three years after earning her B.S. in Psychology from Wayne State University. Amanda additionally is pursuing further education to become a certified BCaBA. She is also a two-time marathon finisher, happily married and even owns a disc golf store in Saint Clair Shores!  

Carli, Registered Behavior Therapist

Carli was introduced to ABA as an undergraduate at Western Michigan University. She started her college career at WMU taking psychology courses, behavioral science courses and eventually got involved in a practicum during her last semester at Woodsedge Learning Center. Here she was able to refine her knowledge within the behavioral sciences and learned a great deal about ABA. Carli graduated from WMU in 2013 with her B.S. in Psychology and moved to Chicago almost immediately afterwards to begin work as a behavioral therapist at an ABA company. She lived and worked in Chicago for exactly two years before deciding to move back home to Michigan to be closer to her friends and family. As of January 2016, she has been in this field for three years and is now continuing her education to become a certified BCaBA. Through experience she has learned that behavioral therapy is extremely effective and, after seeing improvements in behavior day in and day out, it is one of the most rewarding jobs! 


Ashley, Registered Behavior Therapist

Ashley has worked at Crawl Walk Jump Run Therapy Clinic for over three years now. She started her journey here as a technician assisting OT, PT and SLP, and eventually became an RT600 technician. She has since continued her journey through Crawl Walk to now become an RBT, or Registered Behavior Technician, while she also works her way through graduate school for Occupational Therapy!

She is excited to continue her journey through Crawl Walk and work one-on-one with kids and adults alike through our ABA Therapy Program.

Megan, Registered Behavior Therapist

Megan was introduced to ABA Therapy while working as a therapy tech at Crawl Walk Jump Run. She received her Bachelor's in Health Sciences from Oakland University, and later became certified as a Registered Behavior Therapist! Currently she is working towards her Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy through Wayne State University. 

When she is not at work or in school, Megan likes to read and spend time with her family and friends.