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They are our passion,

Patient Forms & Information

Find printable, PDF versions of the majority of our new patient forms here! To provide ease for new and current patients at CWJR, feel free to print and complete the appropriate forms before your visit.

In addition, you will find pertinent information regarding billing and insurance information on some of our therapy programs.

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Patient Forms


Important information for our ABA Therapy patients

Insurance companies place the following parameters on BCBA services that cannot be avoided by us.

1. Patients are responsible for their own co-pays, coinsurance and deductibles to the provider.

2. 1 hour of BCBA time is allowed per 10 hours of Behavior Therapist (aka “Line therapy”) per week.

5 hours with Behavior Therapist per week allows for 2 BCBA hours per month
10 hours with Behavior Therapist per week allows for 4 BCBA hours per month
15 hours with Behavior Therapist per week allows for 6 BCBA hours per month
20 hours with Behavior Therapist per week allows for 8 BCBA hours per month
25 hours with Behavior Therapist per week allows for 10 BCBA hours per month

3. BCBS and other insurance companies require that no more than 3 hours are delivered by a BCBA within a 7-day calendar week of Sunday through Saturday. In addition, no more than 25 hours per week can be delivered by the behavioral therapist in this rolling 7-day week.

4. Parent consultations / training are allowed where relevant to the child’s ABA treatment program.

5. IEP meetings, or meetings with other service providers, are not covered.

*Autism and ABA services: Insurance is billed for ABA services only after an authorization has been secured for the child.