Crawl Walk Jump Run in Clinton Township on Garfield Rd.

Our Patients Are Our Passion

They are our passion,


"I wish to thank the staff for their incredible work they do on a daily basis. My daughter Jerica has seen tremendous gains in strength and ability since we first started attending. Most importantly she enjoys her time in therapy with all her friends. Thank you all for making a difference."

"This place is amazing! The therapists are WONDERFUL! They are a team and work together to ensure that my son is getting the best treatment possible. We also see the speech therapists there and they are amazing too! They always go above and beyond for Nik and we are so grateful to have them. I recommend Crawl Walk Jump Run to everyone."

“On February 15, 2016, I had a brain bleed/stroke...Crawl Walk Jump Run has been a tremendous help in my recovery. I am now able to go grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, paying bills, driving, and riding my bike. Many of these things I did not think I would ever be able to do again. The staff at Crawl Walk Jump Run have been amazing!

"If you are in search of a therapy clinic, look no further than Crawl Walk Jump Run Therapy. They are the BEST, bar none!"

"As a parent of a child with cerebral palsy I have been to numerous facilities on the east-side, west side and even out of state. None provided any meaningful results. In fact, all I heard was what my son was not going to do. This all changed when I was blessed to meet Stephanie. She is a gifted and caring therapist whose unique approach gets results!"

"Stephanie saw a 'spark' in my son that other therapists had overlooked. She literally had my son walking the first day she saw him!!! His walking improved with each visit. I shudder to think if I had stayed with the other clinics how my son's progress would have been stifled and his full potential never realized."

"Stephanie is an amazing and wonderful therapist. Her goal is to take your child to the next level and beyond. If you have never been to CWJR you owe it to yourself and your child to go, to insure you are unlocking their full potential."

"I want to share and express my satisfaction with the results my daughter, Jerica, has achieved from the RT600 program. Jerica is in her second treatment with the RT600, her first being in August of 2015. Since that time, she has developed increased strength, stamina, has better head and body control and has gained weight. She gets a real workout and enjoys using it. We hope to continue with this therapy as often as she can and would encourage others about this program."

"A heartfelt thank you to Stephanie and all the CWJR staff for providing a better tomorrow not only for my son, but all those who enter your clinic."

"I want to comment on the outstanding therapy my daughter receives at Crawl. Her strength and coordination have dramatically improved. Her ability to sit, stand and walk have improved. Her therapists are the best and she looks forward to her weekly sessions. We had been to other clinics in the past, but now have therapy entirely at Crawl. As a parent, thank you for all you do. This is a special place."

"We have been looking for a therapy clinic that would make a difference for our son. We found it! The staff is skilled, the program is great and he is making improvements every day (sensory issues/Autism). My husband and I are so relieved that this clinic is here!"

"My son Joel had a TBI in 2010. He was in a coma for 4 months and released from a rehab center in Sept. He immediately started at Crawl Walk! He came to Crawl Walk in a wheelchair, with a feeding tube, wearing a helmet and unable to speak. His injury had affected his right side. Through Joel's hard work and the love and support of his PT, OT and Speech therapists, Joel is out of a wheelchair. He no longer has a peg tube, but feeds himself and has relearned how to drink out of a straw. He walks with a walker and has taken many steps by himself. He no longer has to write anything down. His speech has improved to where we don't have to have him repeat himself."

"Everyone at Crawl Walk takes an interest in Joel, the therapist and aides to the receptionists. They cheer for their patient’s success, and cry at their struggles. I would recommend this clinic to anyone. They truly want their patients to succeed and try invented ways to make it happen!"

“Quinn started at the clinic less than a year ago and has made such progress! When she began here she was only pulling herself up to stand. Since working with Kendell, she has gotten stronger and is now taking independent steps and standing up on her own from sitting with no support...she is making tremendous progress!”

"Jerica is doing so well gaining abilities through the outstanding therapy she receives at your clinic. The staff and all the therapists are extremely good at what they do and are very friendly with my daughter. Even with all the hard work she does in therapy, she enjoys working with all the therapists that she calls friends. Her smile and enthusiasm speaks loud, and she tells me how much she likes attending therapy. Thank you to all the staff from the front office to the therapists for all that you do - you have made a difference in Jerica's life."

"The RT600 has increased my son's strength and endurance tremendously! Prior to using the RT, my son would elect to sit in his transport chair during outings. After completion of the RT program, he not only is able to walk long distances, he asks to do so! This system combines gait training, weight bearing and electrical stimulation for amazing results! The staff at CWJR are knowledgeable and caring, making it the only clinic my son gets meaningful results from. Thank you CWJR!"

"We LOVE going to OT with Miss Sheri at CWJR. From the first day, we were treated like family. Everyone is kind, informative, and you know without a doubt how much they care about what they do."